• Benefits:

  • Assists with stress relief

For many of us, anxiety, depression, and stress can derail a normal, healthy lifestyle. Thanks to countless research studies, scientists are finding that CBD oil can be an added benefit in boosting mental health.

Anxiety, depression, and stress can be downright crippling. And with the added stress of today’s current health crisis, more people are looking for a safe, natural way to help boost their mental state.

CBD and other substances found in cannabis plants raise the amounts of endogenous cannabinoids, which aid to alleviate stress by boosting CB1 binding by endogenous cannabinoids.

  • Improves your Mood

Exogenous ligands, phytocannabinoids, interact with CB1 receptors. Anandamide (AEA), an endogenous ligand, interacts to the CB1 receptor and relieves anxiety and depression. However, AEA has a short lifespan and is destroyed by enzymes. THC has a structural resemblance to AEA and can replace the void created by AEA undersecretion or degradation. CBD, on the other hand, inhibits AEA degrading enzymes, preventing the degradation of endogenous AEA.
  • Gets you a peaceful sleep

Cannabis has been used as a sleeping aid for ages. In recent years, many people have abandoned prescription sleeping aids in favor of natural alternatives such as cannabis-based medicines. Even people with PTSD and insomnia have resorted to cannabis as a natural treatment. Anxiolytic and analgesic effects are the main benefits of cannabis as a sleeping aid. Cannabis, according to the theory, reduces the quantity of REM sleep, which is when the mind dreams. Deep sleep is distinct from REM sleep and is regarded to be the more restorative of the two. Cannabis increases the amount of time spent in deep sleep by decreasing the amount of time spent in REM sleep.
  • Relaxes your body.

When humans are exposed to stress or stressful conditions, hormones such as cortisol are created in the body. These hormones, if left unregulated, can wreck havoc on the human body, resulting in long-term consequences such as strokes.
CBD and THC, two compounds found in the cannabis plant, have shown to help people relax by lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.
  • Provides relief from Chronic Pain

Everyone has a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).
Research proves that CBD interacts with a core component of the ECS — endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system.
Receptors are tiny proteins attached to your cells. They receive signals, mostly chemical ones, from different stimuli and help your cells respond.
This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. This means that CBD oil and other products benefit people with chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.