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 A Journey towards Wellness with Pure CBD Goodness

At Andyou, we understand that wellness is a journey of self-discovery, intending to achieve a state of well-being. We strive to provide you with a natural, pure CBD-based experience that is free from any adverse effects, and we are committed to being with you every step of the way.

Andyou’s meticulously crafted CBD range synergizes with over 20 natural terpenes, targeting your specific needs. Whether seeking focus, relaxation, or rejuvenation, Andyou ensures a holistic, transformative experience.

With pharmaceutical-grade CBD derived from citrus fruits, you will experience unparalleled consistency, potency, and safety. Enjoy enhanced bioavailability and absorption without risk of contamination.

Goodness of Nature. Innovation through Science. 

Extraordinary CBD Goodness

CBD is a remarkable natural compound found in specific plants and citrus fruits that are making waves in the world of wellness, where people are getting a way to live in peace. CBD works with receptors in our endocannabinoid system. 

CBD has potential health benefits ranging from soothing the aches to easing the pain, offering a gentle touch of nature’s goodness in an innovatively Bio-identical Molecule.

The molecular structure of CBD products is what gives them their remarkable properties. Traditionally, CBD is derived from hemp plants, but At Andyou, we have taken a unique approach. By utilizing our exclusive technology,  we can replicate the exact molecular structure of CBD molecules. This is achieved through the use of terpenes which are the natural compounds that give citrus peels their fragrant aroma. As a result, our CBD molecules are completely pure and biologically identical.

Our Technology

At Andyou, we have developed a revolutionary process, known as CTA, to produce CBD that is not only pure, but also consistently stable and free from THC, pesticides, and other contaminants. CTA is a proprietary technique that allows us to join organic molecules together without the use of solvents or sacrificing their natural nature. 

Our process involves the blending of terpenes from orange peels and olivetol, an organic compound naturally occurring, under precise temperatures and pressures, to create crystalline CBD that is unparalleled in purity and consistency.

Pure CBD with Excellence

Our CBD is derived from Citrus peels, with an unparalleled purity level of over 99.5%. While Andyou does not claim to be a medical-grade company, we adhere to the same stringent standards employed in the development of biotherapeutic products.

We have collaborated with experienced analytical chemists and medical advisors for decades to ensure that every batch and bottle is of the highest quality and consistency, with continuous process improvements guided by verified laboratory results.

 Furthermore, we are committed to analyzing and monitoring our products through validated testing methods, allowing us to confidently make claims about what goes into our products and what does not.

A pure and perfect solution to your modern world.  

Why do you need to choose Andyou for your CBD wellness journey?

  • Discover the highest quality CBD with Andyou. 
  • Our base extract is sourced from reliable US suppliers renowned for their high-quality manufacturing processes.

  • And you offer a wide selection of products that have been carefully researched and crafted to improve your quality of life.
  • Every product comes with comprehensive support, including dosage instructions and personalized letters. We understand that CBD is not an all-in-one, and we take your individual needs into account.

  • Our products are the result of internal research and development, supported by a dedicated team of experts.
  • Our products help manage stress, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and promote immunity and digestive function. Our team, which includes medical and mental health experts, conducts extensive research on the effects of each product on our clients and provides successful strategies through our blog.

  • The utilization of advanced technology to attain effective outcomes.
  • Our product offers pure CBD without any additives or fillers, resulting in an absorption rate five times faster and a 70 percent increase in potency compared to traditional CBD. Through the use of nanotechnology, you can reap the full benefits of CBD without sacrificing any of its properties, and all with zero THC.

    How are Our Products different from Traditional Hemp Products? 

    • Our CBD is derived from Citrus Fruits, not from Hemp. 
    • Our CBD products offer higher bioavailability and absorption,  ensuring maximum health benefits. 
    • Our CBD products are not from Hemp so it is from THC.  It means it doesn't make you high, instead provides of mind.

    Our Thoughts Behind Our CBD Essentials

    Are you feeling stressed after long working hours? Or Are you dreaming of a stress-free? Or 

     Are you feeling depressed and getting anxious? Every problem has one solution! 

    Our dedication is reflected in our selection of CBD products. Utilizing the natural benefits of CBD, we strive to provide relief and balance. We recognize that urban life can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. That is why Andyou’s products are carefully designed to address these modern-day issues, fostering relaxation, aiding sleep, relieving stress, and anxiety, and reducing discomfort.

    Balance your modern life with us,  with CBD goodness. 

    By focusing on natural goodness and the well-being of people, Andyou is more than a brand; it is a partner in aiding you to navigate the challenges of urban life while promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.