About Us

Hi there! I am Manan, the founder of Hemp&U, your favorite (or about to become) place for Hemp and CBD wellness supplements.


Let me tell you why we at Hemp&U should be the place where you get your CBD:


  1. We have made it our mission to ensure that you get top quality CBD.

Our hemp is sourced from Oregon, USA which is known for its fertile soil, perfect climate and best in class hemp production.

  1. Each product in our store is well researched and mindfully crafted, keeping in mind the end purpose it serves: boosting the quality of your life.
All our products have accompanying guides, dosage recommendations and personally drafted letters which are sent to you along with the products! We do this because we understand that CBD is not a one-hat-fits-all supplement.
  1. We engage professionals in house research and development for all our products.
Our products are scientifically formulated to work efficiently with your body’s natural systems, enhancing and unlocking benefits that balance your daily diet and help support stress and recovery, sleep and anxiety, immunity and digestion.
Our team of medical and mental health professionals study the impact of each of our products on their clients and deduce the most successful strategies which we then share with you on our blog.
  1. Simple, essential and purposeful catalog
There is a reason why we have a limited catalog with essential products: we don’t want to make your life any more complicated! So, we have curated our catalog keeping in mind only what works and can serve your needs.
  1. Cutting edge technology, extraordinary results
No cliches or hype; just the quality and authenticity you deserve. We provide pure CBD without fillers or additives, which is absorbed 5 times faster and 70 percent more than usual CBD, thanks to nanotechnology. You can obtain all of the life-changing advantages of CBD without wasting any of it, and all of it with zero THC.



Wellness is a journey, whatever your goal is, what matters most is that you get to the station and catch the train. Begin your journey to a better, more fulfilling and happier life with Hemp&U. We will be there, holding your hand to make sure you take this leap and we will rejoice in your success. It’s time to make the world a happier place, and it starts here!


Manan Mehra